$ 31.5
200 ml

Foaming Face Wash FRESH:FOAM     

Light foam for the removal of all types of fat-soluble contaminants 

·         gently removes excess sebum and water-soluble contaminants

·         prevents the occurrence of inflammatory processes

·         accelerates the process of natural cell renewal, improves complexion

·         regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, promotes the narrowing of the pores

·         activates the process of natural exfoliation of cornified scales, brightening and smoothing the complexion


Active ingredients:

plant saponins

natural ingredients providing gentle cleansing

lactic acid

humidifies, promotes the exfoliation of scaly skin and the evenness of the skin’s microrelief and restores the skin’s normal pH

amino acid complex

увлажняет кожу, активизирует синтез коллагена, проявляет антиоксидантную активность

anti-acne complex

a synergistic blend of propylene glycol plant extracts (centella, juniper, hazelnut, witch hazel, sage and thyme), specifically designed to combat acne and regulate sebum secretion. Has cleansing, refreshing, astringent, antibacterial properties; reduces the secretion of sebum and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands


naturally originating ingredient providing maximum hydration to the skin

α-glucan oligosaccharide

optimizes the level of pH, normalizes the state of microflora on the skin surface (supports the growth of saprophyte microflora and limits the multiplication of pathogenic microflora and fungi), strengthening local immunity

dikalium glycyrrhizinate

a bioflavonoid extract of licorice root, it helps reduce redness and inflammation, relieves itching, soothes and softens the skin


has a pronounced wound-healing and soothing effect



After using any product from the "Cleansing" category, apply a small amount of foam to damp skin, distribute it with circular massage movements over the entire surface, including the area around the eyes. Wash off with plenty of water or remove with a wet towel.

It is recommended to apply 2 times a day for 2 weeks to prepare the skin for chemical peeling.