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    30 ml
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Lifting cream FRESH: LIFT CREAM 

Remodeling cream for targeted action in personal care 

• improves skin tone, smooths wrinkles

• provides prolonged lifting

• has a powerful antioxidant effect

• moisturizes and prevents dry skin

• slows the process of photoaging

Active ingredients:

sweet almond peptide complex

forms a three-dimensional high-molecular continuous, elastic and smooth film of proteins that evens out the skin's microrelief and instantly reduces wrinkles, providing facelift-like elasticity

complex of Szechuan pepper extract

powerful antioxidant, stimulates microcirculation, strengthens the vascular wall, helps reduce the signs of couperose on the skin. Reduces irritation and itching, provides a pronounced lifting effect

DMAE in the maximum allowable concentration

an antioxidizing, active metabolism stimulator and stabilizer of cell membranes, promotes the excretion of lipofuscin, dilates the vessels of the dermis, increases blood circulation, improves skin hydration and provides instant lifting

complex of microalgae and polysaccharides

enriches the skin with polysaccharides, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Increases the synthesis of type I collagen, provides instant sensation of lifting, supports the antioxidant forces of the skin

plant components

shea butter, apricose apricot kernels smooth out fine wrinkles, soften, deeply moisturize the skin and have a healing effect

vitamin E (tocopherol)

restores cell nutrition, prevents skin dehydration, maintains hydro-lipid balance, eliminates irritation and peeling, is an active antioxidant, protects cells from ultraviolet radiation



Apply the necessary amount of cream to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, distribute it lightly with massage movements until absorbed.