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Логотип компании Mesopharm

Каталог препаратов для инъекционной медицины и профессиональной косметологии

Пептидная мезотерапия MesoPeptide
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Коктейли для мезотерапии
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Биоревитализанты Mesopharm
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Японская космецевтика Hinoki Clinical
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Профессиональная косметика Mesopharm Professional
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Химические пилинги
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Ingredients matching

To create the product we are searching for the most innovative, effective and skin related ingredients all over the world.

Laboratory research

Innovative research and formulation in our own laboratory.

Clinical tests & certification

All the products are passing the process of official clinical tests and certification as medical devices or cosmetics.

Production & packaging

We are creating design, seeking for useful and functional package to release the product in.

Professional training

We are running trainings about the products: safe & effective application, methods of treatment with medical devices, professional cosmetics, chemical peels.

Marketing, sales & export

Specially tutored team is running marketing, sales processes and export operations.


MESOPHARM LTD. is one of the leaders among manufacturers of products for the aesthetic medicine industry and professional cosmetology.

More than 18 years our professional team of doctors, pharmacists and technologists work together on production of professional cosmetics, as well as devices for aesthetic medicine: mesotherapy, biorevitalization and chemical peels.

We use only high-quality and safe ingredients of the world's leading manufacturers.

All our products are registered and certified strictly according to the requirements of the current quality standards.

Our products

aesthetic medical devices & professional cosmetics

nucleospire rejuvenation system

Innovative biorevitalization and bioreparation system provides skin restoring and restructuring at the cellular level, replenishing the deficiency of intercellular substrates and protecting against free radicals.

peptide mesotherapy

Rich composition of unique peptide complexes and highly active ingredients to solve a range of age-related problems of the skin and hair.


Innovative, safe and effective products for mesotherapy have a visible effect and allows to achieve the most complete correction of the skin imperfections. These are ready-made cocktails or monocomponent solutions that are injected intradermal.

Peeling treatments

It is a non-aggressive, fast and effective way of renewing the skin without a long period of rehabilitation. A wide range of peelings based on almond, kojic, pyruvic, salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids.

mesopharm professional

The professional skin care line is based on high-tech active ingredients and botanical extracts with proven effectiveness through research. Skincare products help the skin to work itself, to reveal the hidden potential, to launch the processes of renewal and preserve its health and youthfulness.

mesopharm simple care

Professional line of base salon skincare - is the latest developments in the fields of active ingredients, simple skin care and reasonable rate. 


Masks for professional use, highly active serums, sterile masks to complete invasive procedures, masks based on alginate and native collagen. A wide range of tools for the procedure: syringes, needles, anesthetics, brushes.