$ 31.5
200 ml

Foaming Face Wash CLEAR:UP FOAM 

This high-performance foam removes all types of water-soluble contaminants     

·         gently removes water-soluble contaminants

·         moisturizes, helps restore the skin's NMF

·         softens and prevents flaking

·         reduces inflammatory reactions, has a calming and antioxidant effect


Active ingredients:


has a pronounced wound-healing and soothing effect

surfactants based on glutamic acid and betaine

provide delicate and gentle cleansing from natural ingredients

plant extracts

arnica, ivy, mallow, cucumber, elder, linden and lichwort calms, soothe the skin, reduce redness and strengthen the vessels



After using any product from the "Cleansing" category, apply a small amount of foam to damp skin, distribute it with circular massage movements over the entire surface, including the area around the eyes. Wash off with plenty of water or remove with a wet towel.