NucleoSpire Revitalizing complex A "P-Shine" formula

4,0 ml


  • hyaluronic acid 0.5% (800 kDa)

  • vitamin C

  • l-amino acids: Cysteine, Serine

  • glutathione

  • allantoin ascorbate

  • lightening peptide

  • buffer system

pH 7.0


  • treatment of hyperpigmentations

  • "colorless, lifeless" skin

  • "tired" skin

  • smoker's skin

Mechanism of action:

This product is intended for treatment of hyperpigmentations which are one of the key signs of aging and photodamage of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, vitamin С and glutathione are potent antioxidants that by binding to free radicals block the melanogenic cascade of redox reactions and thus prevent the synthesis of the pigment.

In addition to stimulation of skin regeneration, allantoin ascorbate and vitamin C reduce the intensity of pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase activity.

The whitening peptide inhibits melanogenesis, destructs already produced excessive melatonin resulting in effective lightening of pigment spots.

Reduction in pigment intensity is observed after only 1-2 sessions.

During the course it is recommended to use this product as a monotherapy or alternate with Vita line C, ADN Restart sessions.

Course: 5-9 sessions, once a week.

Techniques: superficial nappage.