Nucleospire DNA-RNA 2% "ADN Restart HA" formula

4,0 ml


  • sodium deoxyribonucleotide 2%

  • non-stabilized hyaluronic acid of biosynthetic origin 0.3% (800 kDa)

  • buffer system

pH 7.0

Description: colorless, clear liquid


  • treatment of wrinkles, especially in delicate areas;

  • treatment of hyperpigmentations;

  • pretreatment prior to surgeries or aggressive procedures (peels, laser and radiofrequency treatments);

  • skin recovery after peels and sun exposure;

  • treatment of photo- and chronoaging;

  • correction of scars and marks;

  • comprehensive treatment of acne and congestion;

  • as a part of a comprehensive treatment in trichology programs.

Contraindications: gout, Individual intolerance.

Recommended regimens:

As a monotherapy or in combination with other products.

It is recommended to start a course with capillary mesotherapy, a procedure intended for improvement of microcirculation, e.g. GAG complex DVL Capyl paravertebrally using a nappage technique.

NucleoSpire DNA-RNA 2% ADN Restart HA intensive course: 3-5 sessions at 10-14 day intervals. 

Maintenance: monthly sessions – infinitely.

Techniques: Nappage (superficial or medium dermis), point by point, micro papule.

In the periorbital area and neck, a superficial nappage only!

Volume per session: 2 mL for face, 4 to 6 mL for face-neck-décolleté.

Note: NucleoSpire DNA-RNA 2% ADN Restart HA is preferable in individuals receiving anti-age programs, for treatment of dehydrated skin, correction of periorbital area in individuals not prone to swelling, and when mesotherapy sessions are rare (once in 10-14 days). In all other cases ADN Restart is preferable.