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    250 ml

Moisturizing post-peeling lotion FRESH:POSTPEEL LOTION

 Lotion for the acceleration of the skin’s regeneration in post-peeling care

• has a soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin after stress caused by chemical peeling or other aggressive action

• supports and restores NMF

• has softening, antistatic and anti-inflammatory properties


Active ingredients:

chitosan complex with pyrrolidone carboxylic acid

accelerates the restoration of the physiological state of the skin, restores normal pH

moisturizing complex

sodium lactate, sorbitol, proline and sodium PCA retain moisture and accelerate the recovery of the physiological state of the skin

plant saponins

natural ingredients providing gentle cleansing


Apply the required amount onto the skin with a cotton pad as the final stage of cleansing. In professional care, to neutralize the effects of chemical peels, spread the lotion over the skin using a cotton pad or brush. Apply the lotion for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Then apply repeatedly and do not rinse.