Estetic Form "Phyto Slim" formula

4,0 ml


  • l-carnitine

  • caffeine

  • rutin

  • melilot

  • organic silicium 1%

  • buffer system



  • as a part of a comprehensive anti-age programs (deformational type of aging)

  • lipolysis in the submental area

  • in treatment of hydro lipodystrophy (cellulite):

  • in treatment of local fat deposits

Mechanism of action:

The proportion of ingredients makes it possible to treat the superficial subcutaneous fat and the local fat deposits with no risk of adverse reactions. This product activates lipase in adipocytes and induces lipolysis while troxerutin and melilot extract provide a drainage effect, improve blood flow and restore the cell metabolism.

The buffer system minimizes discomfort during the injections and therefore the product is well-tolerated.


General contraindications to mesotherapy, individual intolerance to components of the product. With caution in individuals with renal and/or hepatic diseases.

Treatment course: 4 to 8 sessions in total at 7-14 day intervals.

Techniques: point by point injections at the depth of 4 for face and to 6 mm for body. It’s also recommended to use canula techniques (22G diameter) for face.

Recommended zones: mid face and lower face, submental area, body.

Recommended regimens: monotherapy or combination with Estetic Form Lipo Stop.

It is not recommended to use more than 2 vials per session for body and more than 1 vial per session for face.

Do not store in the refrigerator!