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Логотип компании Mesopharm
Hydro Line Extra "Nucleospire Revitalizing complex B"

Hydro Line Extra "Nucleospire Revitalizing complex B"

1,3 ml
  • 1,3 ml
    1,3 ml
  • 2,0 ml
    2,0 ml

Hydro Line Extra Revitalizing complex В – biorevitalizant with enriched HA, containing a balanced complex of vitamins, amino acids, and a key antioxidant of our body - glutathione. This remedy involves in restoring cellular metabolism and improving trophic properties of the skin tissues. It restores hydro reserve, stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers de novo, provides a stable effect on lifting & reducing flabbiness and sagging.

The composition of the product includes Hyaluronic acid (1,8%), amino-acids and B vitamins. The concentrations of its active ingredients are formulated in a way that the product provides hydration, rejuvenation and lifting effects and is effective for anti-stress and anti-age treatment.

  • biorevitalization
  • reducing the sharp wrinkles; visible lifting action
  • improving the elasticity, turgor and complexion of skin 
  • prophylaxis of skin ageing
  • regeneration after aggressive aesthetic procedures (UFO, peels, surgery etc.)

Mechanism of action: This is an active complex of the most important substrates and essential components for the synthesis and functioning of all cellular and non-cellular skin structures. It replaces the deficient biologically active substances, slows down aging processes and provides favorable environment for regeneration and repair. It improves the color of the skin, increases turgor and elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles and provides a lifting effect.
Hydro Line Extra NucleoSpire complex B encourages restoration of the hydro reserve of the skin, restores the deficiency of micronutrients involved in cell division processes, promotes the synthesis of collagen fibers and as a result tightens lax, sagging skin.
Contraindications: General contraindications to mesotherapy, individual intolerance to components of the product.

Intensive course: 4 sessions at 14 day intervals.

It is recommended to alternate with other NucleoSpire products.

Techniques: Superficial nappage, micro papule, point by point, all variants of linear and cannula techniques.