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Логотип компании Mesopharm

Hair X "Vita Line B+" formula

4,0 ml

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The composition of the product is based on B vitamins and amino-acids. The concentrations of its active ingredients are formulated in a way that the product increases the immune status of the skin, stimulates hair growth, can be used in anti-stress and anti-acne treatment.

рН 7.0


  • as a part of comprehensive trichology programs
  • aging prevention
  • as a part of comprehensive anti-age programs
  • mild and moderate acne
  • anti-stress programs
  • body lifting programs

Mechanism of action:

B-complex vitamins play a key role in metabolic processes. Amino acids are substrates for endogenous proteins, including hair fiber keratin, and components of the natural moisturizing factor.

Allopathic doses of the cocktail components acting in synergism prevent and treat involutive and degenerative changes in the skin and metabolic impairments in cells, reduce inflammatory lesions and cutaneous eruptions of various origin.

Treatment with this complex results in significantly improved hair condition, returned natural hair shine and reduced split ends. In a comprehensive treatment it contributes to hair restoration after hair loss, improves hair quality and promotes their growth.

Sebo-regulating and anti-inflammatory effects of B-complex vitamins make this complex effective in acne treatment.

Recommended regimens:

As a monotherapy or in combination with other products.

It is recommended to start a course with capillary mesotherapy procedures intended for improvement of microcirculation (GAG complex DVL Capyl / Ginkgo Biloba).

For the maximum effect in skin treatments, it is recommended to alternate Hair X Vita Line B+ with products containing hyaluronic acid and DNA-RNA complexes (ADN Restart).

Intensive course: 4-5 sessions at 7-10 day intervals; then 2-4 sessions at 10-14 day intervals.

Maintenance: monthly sessions – infinitely.

Techniques: nappage (superficial or medium dermis), point by point (not papule).

Recommended combinations (to be mixed immediately prior to use):

Hair X Vita Line B+ 3.0-4.0 + MesoHydral 1.0-2.0

Hair X Vita Line B+ 3.0-4.0 + MesoHydral 1.0-2.0 + Silor 0.5% 1.0

In trichology: 

Hair X Vita Line B+ 0 + Silor 0.5% 2.0 (treatment of diffuse alopecia)

Hair X Vita Line B+ 3.0-4.0 + MesoHydral 1.0 (treatment of diffuse alopecia)

Recommended combinations in problematic skin:

Hair X Vita Line B+ 2.0-4.0 + NucleoSpire 1% DM Lift 1.0-2.0

Hair X Vita Line B+ 2.0 + ADN Restart 2.0 (immediately prior to use)