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Логотип компании Mesopharm

Hair X "B complex" formula

5,0 ml


  • vitamins: В1, В2, В3, В6
  • buffer system

рН 7.0


  • as a part of comprehensive trichology programs
  • hyperpigmentation treatment programs
  • mild and moderate acne
  • preparation of cocktails ex tempore

Mechanism of action:

B-complex vitamins play a key role in biochemical reactions and thus ensure the balanced functioning of cellular systems of the skin and hair follicles.

In problematic skins and thrichology programs Hair X В Complex is used both as a monotherapy and in combination with other products in programs intended for improvement of hair quality.

Increased allopathic doses of vitamins ensure sebostatic and anti-inflammatory actions of this product to treat cutaneous eruptions of various origin as well as degenerative changes in the skin.

Recommended regimens:

As a monotherapy or in combination with other products.

It is recommended to start a course with capillary mesotherapy procedures intended for improvement of microcirculation (GAG complex DVL Capyl / Ginkgo Biloba).

For the maximum effect, it is recommended to alternate Hair X B Complex with products containing hyaluronic acid, organic silicium and DNA-RNA complexes (ADN Restart).

Intensive course in acne and seborrhea adiposa: 4-5 sessions at 5-7 day intervals; then 2-4 sessions at 10-14 day intervals.

Maintenance: monthly sessions – infinitely.

Techniques: nappage (superficial or medium dermis), point by point (not papule).

Acne treatment: treatment of the area of 0.5 cm around the lesion without disrupting its integrity.

Recommended combinations (to be mixed immediately prior to use) for skin revitalization:

Hair X B Complex 2.0-4.0 + MesoHydral 2% 1.0-2.0

Hair X B Complex 2.0 + Silor 0.5% 1.0-2.0

In trichology:

Hair X B Complex 2.0 + Minoxidil 2.0 (treatment of androgenetic alopecia)

Hair X B Complex 3.0-4.0 + Dexpanthenol 2.0 + Biotin 2.0 (treatment of diffuse alopecia)

Hair X B Complex 3.0-4.0 + oligosols Zn-Ni-Co 2.0 (treatment of diffuse alopecia)

Please, note: When Minoxidil is used in the treatment course, a withdrawal syndrome should be considered!

Treatment of hyperpigmentations: weekly injections of one of the following products: Hair X B Complex, Vita Line C, ADN Restart. Then repeat the three-product course with 6 to 12 session in total.