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Логотип компании Mesopharm


€ 15.1
50 ml

Mattifying silky cream SILK:GLOSS CREAM 

A formula with a delicate silky texture for day care or as a make-up base

• nourishes, maintains the skin’s optimal level of moisture

• gives the skin elasticity and a velvety texture

• reduces inflammatory reactions, has a calming effect

• protects against overdrying and exposure to unfavorable environmental factors

Active ingredients:

plant extracts

stoneseed, licorice root have anti-inflammatory effect, soothe the skin and remove redness

extract of ferments of the marine protobacteria Alteromonas

activates the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid and lipids, supports the dermo-epidermal connection, normalizes the level of skin hydration

vitamins A, E, C and F encapsulated in liposomes

penetrate deeper into the skin thanks to their transportation mode, exert their own multifunctional action

jojoba and apricot oils

rich in the strongest antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids; provide deep hydration, recovery of metabolic processes, cell regeneration and anti-aging effect

ceramide complex

restores the protective functions of the skin and the integrity of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, eliminates dryness, reduces redness, peeling and irritation

aloe vera gel

promotes the healing of the epidermis, calms and moisturizes it, nourishes and has antibacterial properties


Apply a small amount of cream to the previously cleaned and toned skin of the face and neck, distribute with light massaging movements until completely absorbed.