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Логотип компании Mesopharm


€ 19.7

The mask contains effective anti-age ingredients and botox-like effect complex. It has a strong anti-oxidant action which aims at eliminating visible signs of ageing: it reduces mimic wrinkles and thin lines and provides a long-term effect of the skin smoothing. Due to its stable form, vitamin C penetrates the skin delicately and actively participates in physiological processes. The mask also removes irritation and increases barrier function of the skin by repairing damaged stratum corneum.

Active ingredients:
  • Crambe oil protects the skin from UV rays by creating a thin hydroscopic film upon its surface which reduces the effect of environmental external factors. Crambe oil strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin, improves its structure and tone.
  • Squalane and hyaluronic acid provide elasticity, regeneration and tone of the skin, effectively moisturize and smooth the wrinkles.
  • Plant complex made of active Sea Magnum, microalgae extract and polysaccharides provides long-term hydration, regenerative effect, reduces mimic wrinkles and has a lifting effect.
  • Special beta-glucan made of yeasts is used for balancing the immune system of the skin, calming irritation and strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin. It accelerates the process of skin regeneration.
  • Complex of ceramides, fatty acids and sphingolipids protects the lipid barrier, imitates composition and structure of intercellular lipid layer of the skin.
  • Ascorbyl tetra isopropyl titanate is a stable and soft form of vitamin C. It is a strong anti-oxidant which stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits tyrosinase. Due to its special form, it is suitable even for sensitive skin. Its hydroscopic property allows it to penetrate the skin deeply, providing a regenerative effect.
Apply the thick layer of the mask to the clean and toned skin, leave for 20 minutes, then remove the remains with a tissue.